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Epson Stylus Photo R3000 Support Page

Video Description

How to Clean an Epson R3000 Printer's Print Head

If your nozzle check is missing in the same place every time, it is likely that paper dust has traveled up under the head, and has dried the ink. Good quality inkjet ink is not air drying, and needs the inkjet paper coating to dry the ink - paper dust will do just as well! To clear this blockage, John demonstrates how to clean the underside of your print head using Magic Bullet Maintenance Fluid. You will need a J Cloth Pad, Scissors, Magic Bullet Maintenance Fluid. Purchase Below:

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Video Description

How to Drill out Epson Inkjet Spigots with Micro Drill

Often the simple reason that you lose a complete colour channel on your inkjet printer is because the inkjet spigot that pierces the ink cartridge is blocked. Simply drill out the affected spigot with the correct size Micro Drill - purchase below...

This video illustrates this solution using an Epson R3000 printer.

Purchase Magic Bullet Printhead Cleaner below: 20% off RRP