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Inkjet-Ready Postcard Blanks

Available in Marrutt 300gsm Ultra-Pearlescent Hi-White Paper and Marrutt 225gsm Archival Matt Paper

Inkjet Ready Postcards

Inkjet Ready Postcards - Back

Inkjet Ready Postcards - Front

Inkjet Ready Postcard Blanks FAQs

Q: Why do photographers need Inkjet-ready Postcards?

A very convenient way to introduce a totally new option for re-prints using a tried and tested format with traditional presentation.

Q: How do you make money from this idea?

Once printed with a customer's unique images, these postcards acquire considerable perceived value - A customer thinks; 'I could mail these out to...'
They also open up a totally new miniature format for your printing that is often the easiest product to sell.

Q: If I don't like the size or reverse side printing, can I get these cards exactly as i want?

Yes, on orders over 1000 we will change the reverse side print layout to suit you size and aspect ratio. On orders over 1000 we will accept your reverse side artwork (JPEG, TIFF or PDF), submit a proof for approval, then print Inkjet-ready Postcards to your custom size and reverse side artwork.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
Inkjet Ready Postcard Blanks In stock.

An exciting new product, all new Inkjet Ready Postcards. Available in Marrutt 300gsm Ultra-Pearlescent Hi-White Paper and Marrutt 225gsm Archival Matt Paper. Avaiable in 6” x 4” and 5” x 7”.

The reverese side of the Inkjet Ready Postcard is pre printed with a traditional Postcard layout and has an ideal surface for writing on. The face side of the postcard is left blank, allowing you to print your image to an amazing standard in colour or black and white.

Applications Include:

A unique follow up printed image of an event - may be mailed out as a reminder to order prints of a wedding for example.
A Product Promotional device delivered by mail.
A new take on a seasonal Greetings Card.
Pre - Event Invitations.

Watch our Demo Video showing you the great features and benefits of Inkjet Ready Postcards

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Inkjet Ready Postcard Blanks

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