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Photo Mount Displays

Professional Photo Mount Displays

Cross Section of Professional Photo Mount

Photo Mounts: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Pro Photo Mounts and Canvas prints?

A: Canvas Wraps depend on stretching your Canvas Print around an edge frame, so you lose valuable image size. Pro Photomounts present the whole of your image.

Q: What are the Photo Mounts made of?

A: Pro Photomounts are a composite board of 19mm expanded Polystyrene faced on both sides with 3mm MDF, with a strong 2mm Mezamine Black or White in Wood texture effect.

Q: How do I hang the Photo Mounts on the wall?

A: You can hang your mounts using a pair of small pins, nails or wall fixing screws.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
Photo Mount Displays In stock.

Introducing the all new Photo Mount Professional Display System. At a fraction of the cost of framing, these professional mounts allow you to showcase your printed images with maximum impact. This mounting system is far cheaper, stronger and easier to produce than canvases.

Large Range of Sizes Available
Sturdy and Lightweight Construction
White and Black edge option
Easy to Hang on Wall or display on desk
Quick and Easy to Apply Prints to Mounts

Scroll Down for "Quick and easy professional display mounts" - How to Video

Quick and easy professional display mounts - Instructions

Step 1 Position Image in required position over photo mount.
Step 2 Peal corner of photo mount.
Step 3 Slowly peel rest of photo mount back and apply pressure on image as pulling back.
Step 4 Turn photo mount over onto clean surface. Trim edges.

Scroll Down for "Quick and easy professional display mounts" - How to Video

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

"Pro photo mounts have just made my life so much easier! I can create instant products ready to sell. They take minutes to complete, no hassle looking for framing tools or fixing canvases and the quality is superb." Mike Harvey Penton

Introducing Professional Photo Mounts Video - The ideal way to display your prints

Quick and easy Professional Display Mounts - How to Video

Professional Photo Mounts:
  • The perfect way to present your prints
  • Strong Solid construction
  • Simple and Easy to produce
  • Select White or Black edge below

A4 MOUNTING If you would like to Mount A4 prints (8.25” x 11.7”) we recommend using the 8” x 10” mounts.
A3 MOUNTING For A3 prints (11.75” x 16.5”), we recommend using the 11” x 14” mounts.
A3+ MOUNTING A3+ Mounts are will be in stock shortly.
A2 MOUNTING For A2 prints (16.5” x 23.5”), we recommend using the 16” x 20” mounts.

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