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Magic Bullet Paper Feed Restorer

Magic Bullet Paper Feed Restorer

Magic Bullet Paper Feed Restorer In stock.

Is your paper not feeding through your printer? Are you considering throwing away your printer?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions Magic Bullet Paper Feed Restorer is for you! Magic Bullet Paper Feed Restorer is suitable for all printers.

Simply apply the Magic Bullet Paper Feed Restorer spray to one of the six sheets of paper provided to create an inkjet printer paper feed cleaning sheet. Removes years of accumulated ink and paper dust to instantly restore friction to your inkjet printer platen rollers. As used by numerous printer technicians world-wide. Suitable for A4, A3 and wide format printers.

Watch Video for full Professional tutorial

Watch our free tutorial - How to solve the problem of Paper not feeding through your Printer.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

“Having successfully used my Epson A2 printer for many years you can imagine my dismay when I suddenly couldn't get any media to feed through the printer. I thought the printer had run its course but before spending £1000+ on a new machine I thought I would phone Jon Read at Specialist Inks for some help and advice. He suggested that I try Magic Bullet Paper Feed Restorer gently sprayed either side of an inexpensive paper and fed, several times, through the printer and WOW it worked! Thank you Mr Read you have saved me a fortune and I've always got my Magic Bullet to hand”.

Mike Harvey-Penton

  • As used by Printer Technicians
  • Available for both Desktop and Wide Format Printers
  • Please note this product is only available for UK customers and cannot be shipped overseas.

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