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Ink Sets available at Specialist Inks

At Specialist Inks, we are what our name suggests – Specialists in Ink, we have high standards and strive for the best. Because of this we only sell Ink which we would be happy to use our self. That is why we have hand-picked Marrutt Professional Photographic Ink and Lyson Ink for use with Epson desktop and wide-format printers. Scroll down for more information about these ink sets including introductory videos - About Marrutt Pro Ink, About Lyson Ink.

These Inks are suitable for professionals and keen enthusiasts who are looking for superb prints. Both Ink Sets are capable of producing prints to a professional standard and are also up to 80% cheaper than the OEM brand. Marrutt Ink and Lyson Ink is compatible with all of the most popular Epson Printers and Canon Printers.

We are an authorised Marrutt, Lyson and Epson Dealer. We are also home to the "world famous" Magic Bullet Print Head Cleaner. We offer all our products at unbeatable prices and all items listed on our website are in stock and ready for same day despatch. At Specialist Inks we have an enthusiastic team of professionals who are always happy to help with any query you may have.

Exceptional and Reliable Inkset

Marrutt Pro Ink is a professional inkset which is compatible with Epson and Canon Printers. Marrutt Pro Ink is an award winning inkset which is used by thousands of professionals worldwide.

Save money with Marrutt Pro Ink

Marrutt Pro Ink offers outstanding value for money. To print an A4 colour print the cost is just 19p, this is compared to 96p when using Epson Ink.

Change 1 colour at a time

Marrutt Pro Ink is an almost identical match to the brand ink set. Therefore you can switch to Marrutt Pro Ink one colour at a time, this allows you to use up all of your expensive OEM ink.

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Professional and Reliable Inkset

Lyson Ink is manufactured in The UK for the professional market and is compatible with Epson and Canon Printers. Lyson Ink is renowned for producing superb ink sets. This is because each ink set is precisely formulated for each individual printer with an almost identical colour match to the OEM brand.

Save money with Lyson Ink

Lyson Ink offers outstanding value for money. Lyson Ink is 80% cheaper than the OEM brand ink set for your printer.

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