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Drill out Epson R3000, SC-P600 Inkjet Spigots

Micro Drill for Epson Inkjet Spigots

Inkjet Micro Spigot Drill In stock.

Epson R3000/SC-P600 Printers can lose a complete colour channel due to dried ink residues building up in the printer spigot holes (this is the part of the printhead which pierces your cartridge).  

This Micro Drill is exactly the correct diameter to completely clear your blockage, and has a larger diameter shoulder which stops the drill from entering too far into your printhead. 

No need for special tools, this Micro Drill is all you need to keep your spigot holes clear, ensuring maximum ink flows reaching your printhead.

Usually used in conjunction with Magic Bullet Head Cleaning Fluid.

Watch Video for full Professional tutorial

Watch our free tutorial - How to Drill out Epson Inkjet Spigots with Micro Drill

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Really pleased with this great little tool! Worked a treat, perfect size for cleaning my printers spigots!
Darren, London

Been restoring printers for years and and I have to say this is by far and away the best tool I have found for clearing out spigots on Epson Printers.
Mr H Smith, Cambridge

  • As used by Printer Technicians
  • 1 x Inkjet Spigot Micro Drill
  • Suitbale for Epson R3000/SC-P600

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