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Epson Stylus Photo 1270/1290s
Continuous Ink System - Lyson Ink

Epson Stylus Photo 1270/1290s Continuous Ink System

Lyson Ink for The Epson 1270/1290s

Lyson Ink

Continuous Ink Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I want to add a continuous ink system (CIS) to my printer?

Quite simply, to save money. If you print an 11 x 8.5 photo, you are using as much ink as 40 pages of text! - Using a CIS allows you to use a good quality photographic ink in bottles, which works out at around one fifth of the ink cost!

Q: How do you install a CIS - it looks complicated!

Don't worry, it comes completely assembled; the reservoirs are already connected to the tubes, and the tubes are already connected to the cartridges. Simply fill up the reservoirs with ink, take out a bung from each cartridge, pull the ink through using syringes provided, replace bungs and click the cartridges into the printer. Test for a perfect nozzle check, and Print!

Q: How does a Continuous Ink System work?

On a desktop printer, the print head pulls ink from the cartridge using a charge of vacuum generated by the printer. A CIS changes the cartridge from being a single ink chamber into a cartridge connected by a tube to a larger ink tank. In use, the print head pulls ink from the cartridge, which is pulling ink from the tube, which pulls ink from the larger reservoir/tank.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
Epson 1270/1290s Continuous Ink System In stock.

The Epson 1270/1290s Continuous Ink System will enable you to slash your ink costs while still printing to a professional standard. The Epson 1270/1290s CIS delivers a continuous supply of Ink which removes the need to buy and use expensive disposable cartridges.

Tried and Trusted!

Our CIS systems have been rigorously tested and as with all of our bulk ink systems The Epson 1270/1290s CIS comes with a 1 year warranty.

Easy to Install!

Installation of The Epson 1270/1290s Continuous Ink system is simple and as with all of our CIS systems, the Epson 1270/1290s CIS comes with full illustrated instructions. To install The Epson 1270/1290s CIS top up the ink reservoirs with the Lyson Ink supplied, then use the syringes supplied to purge each of the ink lines (this pulls ink from the reservoirs through the tubes and into the cartridges). Finally insert the cartridges and fix the tubes onto your Epson 1270/1290s.

Lyson Ink for The Epson 1270/1290s

The Lyson inkset for the Epson 1270/1290/s is the dye-based Fotonic XG, providing a good colour match to Epson “claria” inks (also dye-based) and exhibits vivid colours, good rich blacks and a superb high gloss.

Free Professional Custom Profile

Many of our customers use Lyson Ink for the Epson 1270/1290s without a custom profile. However if you are looking for superior prints than Epson Ink for The Epson 1270/1290s, then why not take us up on our offer of a free custom profile (click here for more information). A custom profile will enable you to print to a professional standard superior to that of Epson Ink for The Epson 1270/1290s.

Professional but Cheap Ink for The Epson 1270/1290s!!!

Lyson Ink is not only a superb ink set, but also is a surprisingly cheap inkset for The Epson 1270/1290s. Lyson Ink is over 80% cheaper than Epson Ink for the Epson 1270/1290s.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Installed my CISS System yesterday and have to say I was surprised how easy installation was. My printer is now printing fantastic prints! Thank you Specialist Inks!!!
Dan, Eastbourne

If only I would have known about Continuous Ink Systems for Epson Printers before now!! I would have saved myself thousands of pounds over the years! Simple setup and a great feeling not having to buy expensive ink cartridges anymore!!!
Melanie, Belfast

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with my CISS! My images have never looked so good and with the money I am saving on Ink costs my profits are soaring!
Wayne, Liverpool

  • 1 x Continuous Ink System for Epson 1270/1290s
  • 1 x set of 6 x 60ml or 125ml Lyson Inks


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