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Changing Epson Waste Pads - Resetting ink counters

Replacing the Waste Pads and Maintenance tanks on Epson printers can be carried out with ease, using this easy to follow DVD instructional video, details are given using clear English and high resolution pictures, no longer do you have to return your printer to Epson and pay excessive amounts for a simple repair that with a little instruction you will be able to carry our yourself.

Instructional video on replacing / resetting Waste Pads

Providing indepth step by step instruction on replacing the waste pads and resetting the printer counter software. Covers the following Epson printers:
R2400, R1800, R800, 2100, 1290, 4800 and 3800

We no longer sell this product




Replacement Waste Pads - Epson Printers

In addition to the instructional video which details the procedure to correctly replace the waste pad and reset the ink counters we also sell new waste pads. To order just select your printer from the dropdown list and add to your shopping cart.

Price : £50.00 ( Exc VAT ) for R2400 / R1800 / R800 / R800 / 2100 and 1290

We no longer sell this product