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Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkjet Inks

About Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkjet Inks


marrutt ink marrutt ink

Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkset

New arrival from a large American digital ink manufacturer, Marrutt Professional Photographic ink is offered at an ultra-competitive price, to tempt the high-volume user, both Professional and Enthusiast.  Twin advantages of Plug & Play (print with no printer profile for basic print jobs) together with a backwards compatibility with many existing competitor inksets (MIS, Media Street, Permajet, Fotospeed etc - not Lyson though, who create individually tailored inks for each printer model) which means that when you run out of a particular colour, you can flush and replace with the cheaper Marrutt Pro Photo inks! - Currently Marrutt are 20% cheaper than Lyson (£6 per 125ml bottle saving), £4 per 125ml bottle cheaper than Permajet, and £2 per 125ml bottle cheaper than Fotospeed. - Prices checked as at May 2012.  Comparative print tests for colour and monochrome prove excellent Professional Photographic image standards.  Numerous world-wide Photo Professionals use these inks every day:

  • Manufactured in the USA, Marrutt Professional Photographic Inks are ultra-competitive in price
  • Over 80 percent cheaper than the Epson price, two pounds cheaper per 125ml bottle than Fotospeed, four pounds cheaper per 125ml bottle than Permajet
  • Available for Refillable Cartridge Systems and Continuous Ink Systems
  • Marrutt inks are plug & play (no printer profile required), but for Pro Photo use, free custom profiles and free six monthly check ups are provided.
  • Amazing colour and Black and White! with similar print longevity and durability compared to the original brand inkset!
  • Request a free sample print and compare!

Huge Cost Savings

When used with bulk ink systems, users experience over 80% saving on ink costs when compared with using OEM cartridges. These bulk inks are available in 60ml and 125ml bottles. For Prices, see your printer link below...

Impressive Longevity

Certified 75 year longevity with excellent image stability and durability.


Supported Printers

Marrutt Inks for Epson Desk Top Printers
[ R1900 ] [ Epson R2000 ] [ Epson R2400 ] [ Epson R2880 ] [ Epson R3000 ]

Marrutt Inks for Epson Medium and Wide Format Epson Printers
[ Epson 3800 ] [ Epson 3880 ] [ Epson 4800 ] [ Epson 4880 ] [ Epson 7800]
[ Epson 7880 ] [ Epson 7900 ] [ Epson 9800 ] [ Epson 9880 ] [ Epson 9900]

Guarantee on Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkjet Inks

We pride ourselves on holding large stocks of Marrutt products and providing what we believe to be the best after sales and technical back up available. If your purchase fails to satisfy, please contact our customer support for assistance.

We invite you to offer your feed back, and we welcome all comments good or bad, this feed back is crucial to us, and allows us to address any problems quickly and improve our service and products.

marrutt ink marrutt ink