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Lyson Inks for Epson and Canon Printers

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Lyson is the largest independent inkjet inkset manufacturer in the world, with substantial manufacturing plants in the UK (Stockport) and USA (Chicago). They also have a major European distribution centre in Dusseldorf, Germany.Their extensive research and development laboratories in the UK produce advanced and reliable inksets. Lyson professional cartridge inks and bulk inks in 125ml, 500ml and 1 Litre sizes enable you to produce the finest professional photographic quality prints – superior in appearance, physical performance and economy to consumer brand inksets

Lyson pride themselves on producing professional standards of inkjet printing at a sensible cost...

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Buying direct from one of the largest digital ink manufacturers worldwide allows you to enjoy the considerable cost advantages (up to one quarter of the usual OEM cost!)

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Customer Comments
I must take my hat off to you guys at Specialist inks. I purchased a Lyson Continuous Bulk Ink System along with inks, I decided to install it on Saturday evening. During the install I realised that I had lost the installation CD. In desperation I sent an email to your support team, imagine my shock when 15 minutes later I got a call from the Managing Director who had picked the email up while at home, he then spent 30 minutes talking me through each part of the installation, and even called back on Monday morning to make sure all was OK. Amazing product, unbelievable service.
Dave Cox.
Lyson are the worlds largest independent ink manufacturer. Using advanced production methods combined with over 30 years at the forefront of photographic ink production, you can be confident that Lyson inks will deliver outstanding results.

Lyson Inks - Supported Printers

Lyson currently offers dedicated inks and related ink delivery systems for the following Epson printers.

Lyson Inks for Current Desk Top Printers
[ R800 ] [ R1800 ] [ R1900 ] [ R2000 ] [ R2400 ] [ R2880 ] [ R3000 ] [ 1290 ] [ 1400 ] [ R1500 ] [ 2100 ]

Lyson Inks - Wide Format Epson Printers
[ 3800 ] [ 3880 ] [ 4000 ] [ 4800 ] [ 4880 ] [ 7600 ] [ 7800 ] [ 7880 ] [ 9600 ] [ 9800 ]

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