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Lyson Cleaning Cartridges

The best and / or only method that we know of is to print a Purge Print. (Right click here for the purge print ). So, our method is as follows:

  1. Prior to installing the cleaning cartridges, store them the right-way-up for a couple of hours, just before you install the cartridge tap it lightly on the desk.
  2. Insert the cleaning cartridge into the printer as you would a normal cartridge.
  3. Run a cleaning cycle, then a nozzle-check;
  4. You will see faint ink marks, indicating the cleaners are starting to work.
  5. Run another cleaning cycle, then nozzle check. If you see no output from the nozzle check, you may be tempted to think that the clean has worked entirely. It may well have done...
  6. ...but to be as sure as you can, use some scrap paper (ideally, photocopier type paper that is 80gsm or thereabouts. If you use nice inkjet paper, you will not only be wasting paper, but you may not see some results we are looking for) and print the ‘purge print’ on to the paper. There is no need to use any particular printer-driver settings;
  7. You will hopefully see the paper is ruffled and probably a little bit smelly as it comes out of the printer. If it is, then it is fairly safe to assume the cleaning cycle has worked, and you can now move to your new inks. Nevertheless, print another Purge Print or two; this is just to ensure that any last remnants of old ink are cleared. If you are not confident that the cleaner has worked, please wait for a couple of hours, and start from point 3 above.

Download printable instructions on using cleaning cartridgeds in PDF format

Do I need to flush out my printer before installing the CIS or switching to Lyson inks ?

Flushing out your ink set when switching to Lyson is not really required, however you should print 5 or 6 full sized prints to fully purge the old ink before producing a print for calibration / profiling use.