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Digital PrintBoxes

A low-cost, stylish presentation box for your prints, projects or finished jobs.

Digital PrintBoxes - Ranging from A2 to 6" x 4"

Digital PrintBoxes - 7" x 5"

1 x 7" x 5" Digital PrintBox

1 x 7" x 5" Customer Branded Digital PrintBox

Digital PrintBoxes In stock.

Introducing the all new low cost Digital PrintBox!

Store your finished jobs or work in progress in both printed and digital form with the all new Digital PrintBox. The Digital PrintBox is a matte black heavy duty card box and lid ideal for storing finished jobs, projects and work in progress. Included with all Digital PrintBoxes is FREE printable 4.7Gb DVD/R which is capable of storing over 200 images at 20Mb each.

The Digital PrintBox is available in A2, A2+, A3, A4, 5" x 7" and 6" x 4". The largePrintBoxes can hold up to 50 prints where as the 5" x 7" and the 6" x 4" printbox can hold 150 prints.

The Free DVD supplied is printable, this allows you to brand and coordinate your DVD along with your images. This makes the Digital PrintBox perfect for presenting your photographic work to a high standard.

Perfect for Professionals and Enthusiasts!

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Why Use?

Their is nothing worse when undergoing an album or project than having piles of Photographs and Images lying around. The key to a successful organised portfolio of work is efficient storage.

Advantages of Digital PrintBoxes

Large Range of Sizes Available
Sturdy and Lightweight Construction
Easy to Separate Projects
DVD digital copy of work slots nicely into inside lid

Who Uses Digital PrintBoxes

Photographers: Studios, labs, professionals, enthusiasts and camera clubs.
Education: Teachers, students, and other staff
Industry: Marketing & sales departments and general industrial applications.

Digital PrintBox Sizes, Volume, Capacity and Disk Information:

6" x 4" sizes can hold up to 150 Prints (6" x 4" size = 102 x 153 x 40mm)
7" x 5" sizes can hold up to 150 prints (7" x 5" size = 127 x 178 x 40mm)
A4 size can hold up to 50 prints (A4 size = 210 x 297 x 15mm)
A3 size can hold up to 50 prints (A3 size = 297 x 420 x 15mm)
A3+ size can hold up to 50 prints (A3+ size = 330 x 483 x 15mm)
A2 size can hold up to 50 prints (A2 size = 420 x 594 x 15mm)

All DVD-R discs that come with the boxes are 4.7gb capable of storing 200 high-res images.

Digital Printbox Demonstration Video:

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