Keep Your Printing Standards High
Keep Your Printing Standards High in 2017!

Thousands of professional and keen enthusiast photographers around the world receive our support. From our experience and customer feedback, we have highlighted four key areas that you need to be aware of to keep your print standards high and frustration levels low!

1) Checking Your Print Quality

Download and print our free colour and black & white calibration image (below), does your print show these 10 characteristics ...

1. A good rich black?
2. A clean pure white point? (paper tone).
3. Correct colour saturation?
4. Smooth colour graduations?

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2) USB vs Wireless

When should you use Wi-Fi and when should you use a cable?

Recent technical support conversations are detecting a new trend in the way inkjet printers are being used:-

Many new wi-fi compatible inkjet printers are being connected up via wireless internet only, with no USB or Ethernet printer cable connection at all!

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3) Smartphones vs DSLR

On screen, a photo from a smartphone looks as good as a photo from a DSLR so surely the print will be the same ...

The latest generation of smartphones really do appear awesome, and appear to pose a real threat to the digital photography status quo BUT - keep things in perspective (!) ....

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4) 10 Common Inkjet Printing Mistakes

From the materials you use to the handling of your finished print, avoid these common pitfalls ...

1. Running out of ink - check an top up your inks every week.
2. Printing without first running a nozzle check - check your printer at least once a week.
3. Printing with an out of date custom profile - if your printer profiles are over 6 months old, check you printing accuracy against our colour-checker print, and re-profile if required.

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