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Compaper Marrutt Ink with Lyson Ink

Compare Marrutt Ink or Lyson Ink with your current Inkset

Compare Marrutt Professional Photographic inks and Lyson inks with your current inkset and see the quality for yourself

How to compare your current ink set to that of Marrutt and Lyson

1/ Download the colour image below and save to your local machine.

2/ Open Photoshop and print the image as you normally would.

3/ Contact us at enquiries@specialistinks.com asking for a free sample print of either Marrutt or Lyson Ink (or both), we will send you the sample print for free the same day.

4/ Be amazed by the fantastic quality of Marrutt Professional Photographic Ink and Lyson Ink and compare with your current inkset.


ink test image

Colour Image

How to download image

Demo image 1 using Marrutt Professional and Lyson inks Right click on the above link and click "save target as", save this in any folder or on your desktop - you can then open this up in Photoshop for printing. After downloading print this image with your current ink set. Once your sample print has arrived in the post, compare with Marrutt Pro Inks and Lyson inks by placing them side by side.

To get a sample test print of Marrutt Professional Photogaphic and Lyson Ink

To get a sample test print of Marrutt Professional Photogaphic and Lyson Ink
Please email us your details below and we will send you a sample print for free in the post

To guarantee receipt of our e-mails and ensure they aren't sent to trash or bulk folders, please add enquiries@specialistinks.com to your address book or "safe list".

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Simply email us at enquiries@specialistinks.com leaving your name and address and we will send you one in the post for free


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