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Transporting a Printer and Removing a Bulk Ink System

While we do try to discourage this practice some photographers do need to take their printer and CIS system to various venues around the country, the following tips will help to prevent problems due to poor transportation methods.

Never move the printer and ink tanks separate, even a slight change in the levels between the printer and the tanks will result in a siphoning effect, either all the ink in the cartridges will siphon back in the tanks or even worse the entire ink in the tanks will siphon out into the printer. You should only move the printer and tanks on a printer tray.

Clamping the tubes with the side clamp will assist while moving, but we recommend that you purchase individual clamps for each tube.

Never over fill your inks. If moving the printer and CIS make sure that the tanks are no more than 50% full.

Take the re-priming syringes  and bottom adaptors with you, there is a strong possibility that your system will need to be re-primed, remember if you do re-prime you may have to wait a couple of hours before you get a good nozzle check.

It never ceases to amaze us that photographers will take no precautions and rely on just one printer and CIS system. If something should go wrong with either the printer or CIS system they have no option but to abandon the venue without producing a print.