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Printer Problems

Ink Splashes

Although not a common issue ink splashes can occur, fortunately this type of problem is normally easy to rectify.

If you use your printer in conjunction with a bulk feed system it may be that the tanks are either too full, in which case lowering the ink level will often cure the problem, or the bulk ink system is at the incorrect height causing ink to siphon.

Ink splashes can also be caused by users carrying out excessive nozzle cleans, this causes ink to build up on the underside of the print head, which causes marks when printing. If this is the cause, a few test prints will normally cure the problem.

Using the incorrect print settings can also cause ink splashes and pooling

Slow Printing

The speed of the printer is controlled by the rate at which your computer can transmit the data to your printer, a slow printer may be a result of an issue with your desktop computer and not the printer it’s self.

The type of cable connecting your computer and printer is also an important factor, where possible it is advisable to use USB and directly connect to your computer rather than via a hub, the shorter the cable the better, and shielded cables are less likely to lose data.